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THANKS for being a LifeServe Blood Center Volunteer! 

Our Vision: We will engage the time and talents of volunteers through meaningful projects and services to further LifeServe Blood Center’s mission of  saving lives.


No matter how BIG or small your service is... it MATTERs! 
The support and commitment to LifeServe Blood Center's mission from volunteers is evident in virtually every aspect of the organization. No matter how big or small a volunteer's service is, it matters.  


Volunteers deliver precious blood to waiting hospital patients, provide juice and snacks to generous blood donors, help fill and supply materials that are needed to collect blood to perform administrative duties, and so much more.  The choice you have made to lend a hand and support LifeServe Blood Center makes a difference in what we do!


Being a LifeServe Volunteer comes with lots of 'Friends'! (2021)



Our team members appreciate your hard work on behalf of the communities and patients we serve.  "Thanks for Giving" (2013)



Encourage your friends and family to become blood donors!




Updated COVID Policies – Effective 4/22/21


The following changes to the HR Temporary COVID policies are in effect 04/22/2021:

Pre-Screening of Team Members Prior to Work


  • Team members and volunteers working at a LifeServe facility or sponsored event such as a mobile blood drive, are no longer required to take their temperatures at the beginning and at the end of each shift.
  • Team members and volunteers should still monitor themselves with questions regarding if they have a cough, shortness of breath, or feel sick.
  • Team members and volunteers who feel sick or have a contagious illness should not work. 
  • Team members and volunteers with a known diagnosed illness or allergies may work onsite if there is little chance of it being contagious, however, perceptions of our donors, team members and public do matter.  Currently, people are very sensitive to individuals who are ill.  We ask team members and volunteers to be aware of these perceptions. 

Vaccination Status

Revealing your vaccination status remains optional.  When asked about vaccination status a team member or volunteer has three acceptable responses available; Yes, No, or I choose to keep that information private.  We ask all team members and volunteers to respect these personal choices.  For purposes of these policies, team members and volunteers choosing to keep their vaccination status private must be assumed as not vaccinated.

Mask Use

  • Common Areas:  All team members and volunteers are still required to wear face masks when in shared areas, donor floors, reception areas, canteens, hallways, or restrooms.
  • In Vehicles:  When more than one person is in the vehicle mask use is required unless eating or drinking.   Team members and volunteers may remove the mask to eat or drink, but must immediately put it back on when finished.  Masks may be removed completely if both of the following conditions are met:
  • If everyone in a vehicle has been fully vaccinated  AND If every person in the vehicle agrees


We should be mindful that even if a team member or volunteer is fully vaccinated, a member of their household may not be, or may be a person of high risk.  Therefore, they may be less comfortable being in areas if others are not wearing masks or social distancing.  Please be aware and avoid situations in which individuals feel pressure to agree to remove masks.

  • Meetings, Offices, Conference Rooms and Break Rooms
  • Limited capacity of break rooms and conference rooms remains in effect.
    • Masks may be removed completely if both of the following conditions are met:
    • If everyone in the room has been fully vaccinated AND If every person in the room agrees

Social Distancing

We are actively practicing social distancing. Signs have been posted in many areas as a reminder. We ask that, whenever possible, meetings are conducted virtually unless there is a business need for the meeting to occur in person.


UPDATE: 12.23.2020


We hope you are staying safe and healthy this winter!

As always, thank you for your dedication and commitment to LifeServe Blood Center’s mission of saving lives. You are a vital link in the community blood supply.

Since you are a part of the LifeServe family, we want to make a potential benefit available to you as well as our team members as soon as it becomes available to us. We are gauging our volunteers’ interest in receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. If we were to make that available, would you like to receive it free of charge through LifeServe? We know our organization is in line to receive the vaccine but at this point we are collecting information and do not have a firm date on when it would be available or the process to get our team members and volunteers through. As soon as we know more, I’ll be sure to share that information with you. In the meantime, I just need to know if you are interested or not so I can start creating a list.

Please let me, Kyle Charles know your response via phone (515-309-4955) or email (kyle.charles@lifeservebloodcenter.org) by Friday, January 1.


Thank you!


UPDATE: 4.15.2020


Things have begun to calm down on our end during this COVID19 Pandemic, but I do have some things I would like to keep you updated on!:

  1. MASKS!
    1. With the new rule in place of requiring people to wear masks when they are in an environment that can have someone else, we have distributed various disposable masks to different areas of the buildings. If you would like to feel more stylish, or have something that can take a bit more of a beating, I have cloth masks in my office for you. Feel free to stop by and pick one up, or let me know and we can figure out how I can get it to you.
  2. Convalescent Plasma Update!
    1. To follow up on last week’s email about Convalescent Plasma (CCP), we actually had our first delivery on the 10th! I attached a photo of our volunteer driver Holly taking the first unit to be transfused in a Des Moines area hospital. We are now hoping for local donors to begin to show up, who have fully recovered from COVID19, to also donate Convalescent Plasma. This could happen as soon as tomorrow, and we have another one scheduled for next week!
  3. Pizza Thank You!
    1. We had a long time donor, and had recently begun volunteering with us as well,  donate pizza to our team members and volunteers for all the hard work we have been doing!  This very gracious person wishes to remain somewhat anonymous, but we will be enjoying his gift on various days that works best for our various team members. Below is the schedule for the different locations:
      1. Locust: Thursday the 16th
      2. Cedar Falls: Tuesday the 21st
      3. Mason City: Thursday the 16th


Thank you again to everyone who continues to come out and volunteer. And for those who are staying safe at home waiting this out, thank you for your diligence, and hopefully we’ll see everyone soon!

UPDATE: 4.6.2020

LifeServe to begin Convalescent Plasma donations aimed at treating COVID-19 patients

Convalescent plasma has just begun to be used as an investigative treatment for COVID-19 patients.  People who have fully recovered from COVID-19 have antibodies in their plasma that attack the virus.  Donated plasma (convalescent plasma) from well and healthy donors who have recovered from COVID-19 is being trialed now, even before final scientific trials have been completed, to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.  The initial trials are promising but the need for qualified donors is critical to determine the on-going effectiveness.

LifeServe Blood Center is urging well and healthy volunteer donors who have successfully recovered from COVID-19 and received a positive laboratory confirmation of the virus to schedule an appointment to donate convalescent plasma.  Pre-screening criteria will determine donor eligibility.  Individuals who meet these requirements are instructed to visit www.lifeservebloodcenter.org to begin the pre-screening process.  Walk-in donations are not accepted and interested individuals must follow pre-screening protocol.

Click here for more information on our website.


UPDATE: 3.27.2020




Things are moving quickly around here as we constantly look for new ways to keep everyone healthy and protected.


With the Federal Government deeming Blood Centers as essential to the communities there have been new precautions implemented by both the Federal and State Governments that we are taking into effect for not only our paid team members, but will be extended to all our volunteers as well.  If you do not feel comfortable coming in to volunteer, that is totally understandable. We would prefer you to be healthy in the long term than do something risky in the short term.  If you do feel comfortable coming in to volunteer, we ask you follow the same protocols we are asking our team members:


  1. We will need to be keeping a written record of your temperature before and after your time spent volunteering with LifeServe.  There will be a written log available for anyone driving in the Product Management site (for Des Moines area folk, it is currently on the cord board next to the sign out sheet).  For those in the Call Center Kevin has a digital copy available and you can work with him to record it.  For everyone else, I have the log in my office please come in and fill out your entry when you arrive and when you leave.


I know the thermometers we are currently utilizing are very difficult to read/use. I am being told we have ordered easier, more user-friendly thermometers. Hopefully we’ll see those rolled out next week.  If you feel more comfortable using your own personal thermometer each day your are more than welcome to. Just continue to document your temp before you come in and when you return home. Or feel free to bring your personal one with you to use when you arrive at LifeServe.  I have attached a copy of what we are using here if you would like to print it off at home and use that, you are more than welcome to.  The documentation is the important aspect, so we can have a paper trail to confirm if someone was healthy or not when they were working here.


  1. As for self-screening questions for when you arrive, we have included the below criteria:
    1. Have you been diagnosed with, or are you being tested for COVID-19?
    2. Do you exhibit any of the following?
      1. Temperature of 99.5 F or higher
      2. Coughing
      3. Shortness of breath
    3. Has a health official or medical professional directly instructed you to self-isolate? 


  1. There have been significant changes to those who need to self-isolate.  This eliminates the travel related restrictions and focuses instead on health and temperature of you the volunteer and the people around you.   If you feel well and your temperature is acceptable, you are eligible to come in.  If you are sick, our return to work criteria has 3 components: 


Those Who Feel Well: 

You are allowed to volunteer as long as you remain asymptomatic and monitor your temperature at the beginning and end of each day. If you become symptomatic at any point during your day, you should immediately inform myself or someone in product management and self-isolate until the conditions below are met.


Those who feel Sick:

Stay home and isolate from others in the house until the below 3 conditions are met:


  • You have had no fever for at least 72 hours (that is three full days of no fever without the use medicine that reduces fevers)



  • Other symptoms have improved (for example, when your cough or shortness of breath have improved)



  • At least 7 days have passed since your symptoms first appeared


Volunteers instructed by a medical professional to self-Isolate:

You should remain self-isolated for the period of time identified by the health official or medical professional. 

  1. We are continuing to work to be proactive in our cleanliness for those who drive.


We are working with our Facilities Team to make sure additional disinfectant wipes are available in each vehicle. We also have gloves available for you to use in the Product Management area where you sign out vehicles.


Additionally, we are coordinating with hospitals to meet us outside of the building when you arrive by simply calling a phone number they provide. This is already being practiced by a handful of hospitals, but we’ll communicate the full list when it’s complete.If there is a hospital already practicing this, you should already be aware.If you are not sure when you arrive, you can ask one of the people in Product Management before you leave.

I am sorry for the long email. I am also going to add this to a tab on Duplie for future reference as well.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions at all during this time.  Thank you so much for your help during all this, we have once again come to a full realization of the importance and impact our volunteers have in allowing us to succeed in our mission of saving lives.  Your role in this organization cannot be understated.

Who We Are

Ever wondered who volunteers for LifeServe Blood Center?

LifeServe Blood Center is a non-profit, volunteer supported, regional source for blood products. Volunteers are a vital part of achieving our mission of saving lives in partnership with the communities we serve.  By volunteering your time and talents, you are a part of the lifesaving link that delivers blood to patients in need.  That you take pride in knowing that your time is as vital to us as a blood donation.  


So, WHO are we? Why are we here?


Tom Zimmerman began his “career” as a volunteer driver with LifeServe in February, 2011.  He has continued to volunteer every Wednesday afternoon delivering blood to Des Moines area hospital patients. 

This year, his work here and our mission of saving lives hit close to home when his granddaughter was diagnosed with a cancer called T-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).   Megan, age 12, hadn’t been feeling well for some time.  Her family thought that she probably had mono.  They were shocked to learn that she has T-cell ALL ~ which is a type of blood cancer, that starts from white blood cells in the bone marrow.  Megan

received blood products as part of her treatment.  In June, Megan got a tour of LifeServe’s lab and component area prior to traveling to Minnesota for a bone morrow transplant as part of her treatment.  Her brother, Noah, was a perfect match for this transplant.  Megan got to come home this month to continue treatments and healing.  She is looking forward to returning to school, 4-H, mock trial, band, chorus, and more this winter!

Beyond donating blood, delivering blood to hospital patients, and spending time with his four grandkids, Tom and his wife Lola help with the Living History Farms garage sale.  Thank you for all you do for our organization, Tom!



Warren Pitcher is one of LifeServe’s many dedicated volunteer drivers. Warren began driving for the organization in 2000. Now, he drives every week on Wednesdays or Thursdays, often to Fort Dodge, Ames, Mason City or mobiles across the state. After a few years, Warren began to record every mile he drove for LifeServe. In 2013 alone, Warren travelled more than 20,000 miles across Iowa delivering blood and supplies! Way to go, Warren!

Warren is a retired DMACC professor of business. While Warren loved education, he is loving retirement even more. He keeps busy golfing at courses across Iowa, and spending time with his children and grandchildren. Warren also enjoys traveling. He recently visited Ireland with his son and hopes to travel to Africa next year. He frequently takes cruises around the globe with friends and family.

Warren is a huge advocate for LifeServe, recruiting volunteers and dedicating much of his own time to the organization. Thank you, Warren, for all you do!




Wanda Sellmeyer began volunteering with LifeServe after she retired in 2009. Wanda greets donors and answers questions at the Des Moines Donor Center front desk every Wednesday morning before the center opens. She also updates information for volunteers, handles blood drive surveys, and keeps the community calendar up?to?date. Wanda is also the chairperson of two blood drives in Granger each year. She is a fantastic advocate and volunteer for LifeServe and is willing to lend a hand wherever she can.

LifeServe has always held a special place in Wanda’s heart. Her granddaughter, Kinsey, needed blood transfusions as an infant to survive. Kinsey, now 14, is alive and healthy thanks to blood donations. Wanda is unable to donate blood so she sees volunteering as her way of giving back to the organization that saved her granddaughter.

Wanda keeps busy with her four grandchildren and many hours spent volunteering. Outside of her numerous LifeServe duties, Wanda volunteers at Methodist West Hospital in West Des Moines at the welcome desk and at Iowa Public Television. Her selfless commitment to serving others and her community is amazing. Thank you, Wanda, for all you do!


Terry Slickers lives a retired, but busy life. He currently volunteers with LifeServe as a driver in Waterloo. Terry signed up to volunteer when a LifeServe Donor Services Team Member asked him during his blood donation. He agreed and has been driving for about two years. Terry drives a lot more in the winter because many volunteers travel to warmer climates. Once they return, he lets them have more of the volunteer time.

Terry is a retired Waterloo police officer. In addition to LifeServe, Terry goes with a group to the Iowa Veterans Home in Marshalltown and plays bingo with them. He has seven grandchildren to keep him busy, while also taking time to bowl, fish, play horseshoes and league pool. Thank you Terry for all of your hard work and dedication!     


Ray Johnson is a driver for LifeServe. He currently resides in Des Moines and has been helping LifeServe for nine years. Ray began volunteering after he saw an article in a Westside Shopper.  He was already retired at the time, so he thought volunteering would be a good way to spend his time. Ray continues to help because it gives him something to do while also allowing him to “...make a difference in the lives of complete strangers you don't even know and you probably won't ever meet. It feels good to help," Ray said.

Ray retired in 2002 from designing systems and programing computers. He started back in the 60s when it was all mainframe stuff because PCs didn’t exist yet. Now Ray spends his days         volunteering for LifeServe and attending his grandchildren's sporting events. Thank you Ray - You are a valuable asset to LifeServe Blood Center!


This month we’re meeting Lolane Smith, a driver in Des Moines! Lolane started donating blood in 1974, so he already had an idea about how valuable LifeServe was and how          valuable the people who worked there were. He wanted something to do once he stopped helping with Boy Scouts, so while donating, he asked how he could start volunteering. He was directed to Carly Nelson and started driving for us in the summer of 2013.

Lolane really likes the work he does. “I enjoy driving and this is a great cause.”

In addition to LifeServe, Lolane also volunteers at his church and works full-time for John Deere. He’s a supervisor in a parts procurement group for the experimental shop. Lolane is married and has two grown children, a son and a daughter. In his free time, Lolane enjoys gardening and he wants to get back into fishing.

“I really enjoy the employees and other volunteers at LifeServe. They are all treasures,” Lolane said.

Thank you Lolane for dedicating your time to drive and donate blood. We all truly appreciate you!






After retireing, volunteering at LifeServe gives me the feeling that I am contributing to the community.  It is very rewarding and such a unique opportunity to be involved in the process of delivering blood to the hospitals. ~ Warren Pitcher - Driver
I enjoy volunteering at LifeServe immensley!  The staff are very friendly and it's a pleasure to spend my time with the blood donors.  ~ Ferne Claus - Canteen Volunteer & Greeter


Volunteers Make a Difference

  • Some people give time
  • Some people give money
  • Some give their skills and connections
  • Many give their life's blood

And MANY have given all of these wonderful gifts to LifeServe Blood Center this year!


Did you know?

  • Volunteers in the Recruitment Department help get publicity for over 3,400 blood drives a year!
  • Four supplies volunteers assist in preparing for over 3,400 mobiles per year, which results in collecting about 136,500 units of blood!
  • In 2013, the call center volunteers contributed more than 766 hours.  At 30 phone calls per hour, they reminded 22,980 blood donors to donate!
  • Volunteers washed well over 300 cars in 2013!
  • Drivers drove approximately 260,000 miles in 2013!
  • With 1,100 hours, it is estimated that canteen volunteers collectively greeted and thanked 11,000 donors… at two cookies per donor, they handed out 22,000 cookies!
  • Volunteers folded more than 17,000 t-shirts for the online store and special events in 2013!
  • The Online Store depended on a small group of committed volunteers to send 19,972 gift items in 2013! 

Use the Calendar tab to view opportunities

Check our calendar often to see what opportunities are available! We have lots of shifts available and we are always updating and/or adding more! Thank you for volunteering at LifeServe Blood Center! 



We are sending out Quarterly Newsletters! If you want to reminisce or if you missplaced your old one feel free to check them out!